The Notary Office

In 2004, in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, notaries Igor  
and Nataliia Fris set up a notary office where all the  
protection of their interests with legislation and  
rights being apsolutely kept for all participants of  
notary process.

Our objectives - are to provide the customers only  
with proffesional services with maximum  
consideration for your interests and security.
Our principles:
- qualified legal assistance and the possibility of extra-
judicial protection of the rights and legitimate  
interests of persons
- constant self-improvement for the purpose of training  
and professional development  
communicating with people on the level of a legal  
adviser and official representative of legitimate state  
In our work we are guided by such qualities as legality, objectivity, decency,  
conscientiousness, integrity, politeness and humanity.
Our activities concerns the central spheres of the civil law-land law, family and  
inheritance law, commercial law, company law.
With all our strength and knowledge, preventing disputes and providing legal  
guarantees we-having received the mandate of notaries from state-carry them on  
behalf of the state, being a party of free legal profession.
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Notary Office
76018, Ukraine
Grushevskogo str. 1
tel.: 380 342 779717
tel.: 380 342 779716
tel.: 380 342 779715

Notary Nataliia Fris
Certificate of ocupation of notary   
Started working in Fabruary 2003.
The main focus of attention is on  
drawing hereditary legal relations and  
real estate.
drawing up to will, heritage,  
agreement on real estate.
Notary Igor Fris
Certificate of ocupation of notary   
3277. Started working in January  
The main focus of attention is on  
cartificating of atypical transactions  
and on working with corporate  
mortgage contracts, extrajudicial  
settlement of disputes at  
foreclosure, marriage contracts and  
corporate legal relations.
Notary Office in Ivano-Frankivsk
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