Full range of services offered in:

Corporate Law
The Corporate Law sector handles all matters corporate, from straightforward  
foundations to highly complex private limited liability company set-ups. The Corporate  
sector is supported with a focus on personal contact, prompt service and cradle-to-
grave coaching.

Real Estate
There we aims to offer its clientele the best possible service by ensuring easy access  
in combination with personal attention. It operates an all-in fee structure so as to  
ensure that its clients should receive full service.

Private & Family Law
We handles the unavoidable aspects of the notarial practice: those things we will all  
come into contact with at some time or other in our lifetime. True to its name, this  
sector sees to the necessary (legal) arrangements being made between relatives,  
loved ones.

The Civil Law Notaries of Notary Office are highly qualified and specialized in real  
estate, corporate law and inheritance.

This enables them to offer support to you with pragmatic and inventive solutions to all  
notarial aspects of real estate development, property transactions, and real estate  
corporate law. Through close working relationships with specialised advisors,  
accountants and lawyers, Notary Office is thus able to provide a full range of  
specialized services addressing all aspects of clients requirements, whether they be  
corporate clients, building associations, financial institutions or private clients.

For their corporate clients Notary Office has extensive experience of all notarial  
aspects of both national and international corporate law.

Notary Office
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Notary Igor Fris
Certificate of ocupation of notary   
3277. Started working in January  
The main focus of attention is on  
cartificating of atypical transactions  
and on working with corporate  
mortgage contracts, extrajudicial  
settlement of disputes at  
foreclosure, marriage contracts and  
corporate legal relations.

Notary Nataliia Fris
Certificate of ocupation of notary   
Started working in Fabruary 2003.
The main focus of attention is on  
drawing hereditary legal relations and  
real estate.
drawing up to will, heritage,  
agreement on real estate.
Notary Office in Ivano-Frankivsk
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